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Project Management


Project Management

At OICC, we assist International companies to handle their back-end / data entry or tele-calling process in India professionally & efficiently. We handle the projects & transfer data on cloud software (Dropbox & One drive). This way company can see their work progress & you will feel like we are working from your office itself.


Fees starts with just USD $500 / data entry staff, for project management fees is $800 / experienced staff who handles your back end project completely. We also have package system where we handle your project completely and hire employees as per project requirement. You have to pay on the basis of project completion onetime / monthly / quarterly.

We will arrange a project manager at no cost, to overview the work, provide you timely report and strive to achieve business goal. we will train the employee, provide work stations, perks, incentives every thing to employee. Our trained professionals have technical experience with international standards which ensures your projects are confidential and secure

So this way you will save your time and money by allowing you to focus on your profitability while the operational tasks are completed on time, every time you can completely focus on business growing strategies and rest leave it on us. We also committed to provide complete confidentiality when we deal with sensitive company information such as clients data base or login details (if any).

Please send us your requirement and we will give you the best quote.

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